Our services

Our solution includes:


Our installation professionals
ensure your sensors are
properly installed and operating
in all containers.


Our service doesn’t end
after installation.
We will continue to review
your data to ensure the
efficiency of your waste
management operation.
If you need technical assistance,
we are only a phone call or email away.


Our software is uniquely tailored
to you and your needs.
As you evolve and change,
we evolve and change with you.

Detailed information at your fingertips.

Additional Benefits

Seigarbost’s Unique Moonshot Management System

The Moonshot platform is used to communicate with your container locks through the integrated SIM. The locks send usage data, battery status, incident alerts, etc. Similarly, Moonshot can send orders to the locks, such as open or close, change configuration, cancel user cards, etc.

Moonshot also has a complete module of preconfigured reports which allows you to create unique reports specific to your use of the containers, including the status and evolution of your batteries, hours and frequencies of use, the quantity of openings per use, and more.

Here’s the best part, Moonshot is accessible from any device with internet access – no user limits, or installation of software.

User cards

When working with Siegarbost,
you will have the ability
to issue and distribute user cards
to your employees.

You can manage the user cards
directly on the
Moonshot platform.


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